[Informations] Vagabond Community Forum Changes

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[Informations] Vagabond Community Forum Changes

Post  Legend on Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:19 pm

Here's an overview of completed and upcoming changed in the Vagabond Community Forum:

Completed Changes
- We had the categories "English" and "Deutsch" before. Since not any german speaking 9Dragons player posted in the german forums, we removed the german category and all its forums, and the Vagabond Community Forum becomes to an only-english talking Community Board.
- The forum "The Graveyard of the Vagabond Army" was changed to "[Room] Vagabond Army's Tales"
- The posts in the forum "Miscellaneous" were moved to "News & General Discussions", the forum "Miscellaneous" removed
- The forum "Fan-Fiction Stories" shall stay for non-Vagabond Army members
- The forums "Screenshots" and "Videos" were merged together and are now the forum "Media"
- All topics in the forum "Clan Information" were moved to "[Room] Vagabond Army's History Room", the forum "Clan Information" removed
- The forum "Troll's Cave" was added. It is the only place where trolling is allowed (trolling is not the same as flaming or hating, though. Flaming and hating is still not allowed). Please note that NO ONE should enter this forum, under NO circumstances, to prevent people to take the things in there in any way serious
- The Vagabond Army guild has returned and opened their gates once again. In other words, we accept new registrations once again. You can find the registration topic in the "News & General Discussions" forum.

Upcoming Changes
- Hall of Fame: The Vagabond Army will put up a Hall of Fame. A list of the most legendary Vagabonds the Land has ever seen. Work is still in progress.
- Vagabond Army Guild Constelation: As soon as we got our first few members again, we will make a list of our guild with each member's name, the level and the server.
- Quests for the Vagabond Army members: We will create some sort of quests for those who have decided to join our guild of clanless warriors. These quests will have rewards, like in-game gold, in-game items or Forum Epithets.
- The Missions of the Vagabond Army: The Vagabond Army will have many missions, almost all secret yet. These missions are oriented on the long-run of the clanless path, meaning these secret missions will help the Vagabonds and the clanless path in one way or another.
- The Union of Golden Warriors: A group, nay, an union of neutral people who care about the fate of the Land and want to change it to a glorious Land once again. People from the white clans, the black clans and the clanless road may join.

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