Thinking about making a vagabond.

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Thinking about making a vagabond.

Post  dragoon111 on Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:41 am

I was thinking about making a vagabond and would like to know what the pro and cons are for being a vagabond.


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Re: Thinking about making a vagabond.

Post  Legend on Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:21 pm

Greetings dragoon111

There are few pros and many contras. The path of a Vagabond is merely a fun thing and only enjoyable by people who like the role.

For advantages and disadvantages, you should check this website. For more detailed informations about the Vagabond path, you should check this website.


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Re: Thinking about making a vagabond.

Post  Lone-Hero on Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:30 pm

I'm sorry this is so late - hopefully the op still visits this forum...

In my personal experience due to some lines of what chaoticians call ghost code in the game that vagabond character offensively holds the same power as any other character. The difference mostly comes in the defense. As a vagabond character you get 1/5 (correct me I'd I'm wrong on that it's been a long time since I played 9dragons) the HP of a clan warrior. Your meditation gives you a maximum of 11(?) defense (all stats bonus). You don't have steps and the str formula calculates much less defense than other roles. As a vagabond you will find yourselves often having to fight 1 mob at a time before medding until you can get ahold of some defense clothes. I personally recommend using RL WD pole arm (if memory serves pole arms gave the highest leach) until you reach GB at which point you want a GB WD any warrior weapon.

Also do to further unpredicted results in the coding vagabonds have a much higher advantage in pvp than other warriors. At FD I did 4 on 1 against GB warriors. HOWEVER there is a specific way you have to get that edge and I will nit reveal that way openly. It took me many many experiments to find it out an it is my opinion that anyone who wants to be able to fight should learn to do so on their own

You are paper to nukers unless you have a vagabond anti nuke set. And even then you have to be able to catch them to kill them. Good luck with that - I only succeeded once and I was SM against FD. I barely survived that battle.

Dungeons: it is possible to solo CoF as a vagabond with def 500 clothes at level SM 11. I think legend was able to do it sooner but I don't remember for sure.

Legend was able to solo VoH at some point in GB if I remember correctly but I personally was almost CS and still had a very rough time with it. I was able to solo with just enough time to get out at FC 8. There is a reason and it's not about stats as our builds were identical. But this is another thing I'm going to let you figure out for yourself.

Hope you enjoy the path,


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Re: Thinking about making a vagabond.

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