Shinsan's Fanfic-1: The Emergence of the Advanced Clans

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Re: Shinsan's Fanfic-1: The Emergence of the Advanced Clans

Post  Legend on Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:33 pm

PART 6 - The Duel
Episode II - The Four Stars, Seniors of the Thunder Clan

The Forbidden City must be full of corpses. Because even if Kenji, Caifen etc didn't encounter many Black Dragons, around 40 of them were spread in the building, wandering in the halls. The fire has also conquered a nice part of the Palace. Lei Di has killed several Clansmen. He's now going back on the Imperial Throne.
Lei Di: You'll fight my last Stars, Clansmen. If you manage to beat those, then you'll deserve a fight against me. Just one thing, Clansmen, know that those guys were my very first Disciples. That's why I call them "Stars".

The fight lasts a long time. At least, it's what the Blacks and Whites think. They're all getting out of strength. Among the Stars, there is an Archpriest, a big bald man, a long-bearded old man, and a kinda extremly beautiful woman. They master both the Black Arts, as every Black Dragon does, but also the Thunder skills. This is the difference between the Black Dragon Clan, now with Senhyo the traitor, and the former Clan : The Thunder Clan. Those four are the Generals of Lei Di, the former four masters. Every of them representing a class. They're not as old as Lei Di, but they're around 100, even if their face didn't grew old.
Tenfa: I've seen Sura Mahu the Great Mistress only once in my life. I can ensure you that this woman could be her rival.

At the same time, Kenji and Fusen think about using the Yin's Flash and behead the Bald giant, the Warrior Star. When they're behind him, their Sword strike each other Sword.
Bald Star: Too slow, Wu-Tangs.

He is behind them and punches them with his huge fists. They fly and arrive against the wall. They're stunned.
Bald Star: I am the only Black Dragon Warrior who doesn't use a Scythe. The Emperor allowed me to use my body as a weapon. Hehe.

Tenfa notices Kenji being hit.
Woman Star: Don't get distracted. I'm still here.

Tenfa avoids the hit by performing a backflip. The fire has now reached the Throne Room. Caifen uses for the first time her Hell's powers, providing from the Mask. The sends fire with her Saber. The Archpriest has little difficulty to avoid this rain. Wang and the Nobles are facing the Grey-beard. Suddenly a Nobleman arrives next to the Imperial Emperor (I hope you didn't forget him, readers xD) and try to unbound him.
Lei Di: You won't rescue any unless my Generals are defeated.

He kills him with a lightning coming from his hand. The Bald guy approaches the Wu-Tang brothers.
Bald Star: Still not up? I'm disappointed.

He readies his right fist and charge the wall. Fusen opens an eye and jump, kicking his face. The Bald's nose is bleeding.
Bald Star: I didn't expect less from an Ascending Dragon... But you'll die!

Tenfa is in bad position. The Beautiful Star has slapped and kicked her. She's the back against the wall. In the same time, The Bald Star gathers an electric ball in his hands. Fusen is the target. But before the Giant unleashes his lightning energy, Kenji throws his Sword away to the Fusen's head.
Kenji: Get down, Fusen!

The ball leaves his master's hands, and gets attracted by the Kenji's Sword. As Fusen has crouched, the Sword continues his way till... the chest of the Beatiful woman. She gets instantly electrized and burns. One General has died. She's called by the Hells and only her mask remains. Lei Di catches it thanks to his Lightning attraction. A nobleman comes to the Imperial Emperor.
Ming: Idiot! Release my children!

So the Princess is rescued and goes away. But someone has arrived in the Hall and blocks the way. It is Nangong Hui.
Nangong Hui: I'll take care of the escapers. I'll not interrupt the fight.

Fusen now kills the Bald Star with the Yang's Flash, the other Third Role Skill, by sticking his Sword in the ground. It sends a light-blue flash ray which splits the floor, and his opponent's body in half.
Fusen: Two of them are dead. What are you waiting for, Dragons?

Kenji's help Tenfa to get up, she's wounded at the hip. The Prince escapes. Wang kills the Grey-Beard and Caifen pushes the Archpriest in the fire, against the wall. Lei Di has the 4 Masks.
Lei Di: You really are worth a fight. Come all against me! Just as your former Dragons did. I wanna revive the past and change the future! History repeats itself.

So they all run. Nangong Hui has fled with the Imperial Family. Lei Di is performing big circles with his Scythe. He's create an uncrossable range. He avoids the nukes and the range of his weapon is longer than the one of every weapon. don't forget that he's now about 4 meters high, thanks to his Elites' slayings. his Scythe is longer than 4 meters. The 4 Clansmen who dare step are immediately split in half, the body apart the legs. Suddenly Jun Weiming spanws, arrived by the roof.
Jun Weiming: You need to target his heart, as empty and dark it might be. That's how myself and the 7 other did. I'll not help you, though. I'm just here to attend the fight and be the witness of the ending.

Legend the Commander of the Vagabond Army was also one who entered the Throne Room. He has the feeling that the battle which is unfolding is the one that his Master told him. Wang uses what he was taught by the White Dragons at Nangongs' Headquarters. He gathers his Chi to sent it onto Lei Di. When it strinkes Lei Di, he didn't burst, as he should, but he's just a tangled step. Caifen doesn't miss the occasion and strike. Her Saber doesn't kill him either. It just adds another Scar next to the first.
Lei Di: Alright. Now I'll take you all seriously. I'll show you what the Black Dragon, Master of the Thunder and come-back from Asura Underworld really is.

Everybody backs down. Lei Di bends and gets back with a burst of Energy which puts the fighters down. Even Jun Weiming feels the flow, but he avoids it of course Wink Lei Di is now taller, his eyes are white, as white as the intense Asura evil light. His Body is full of tattoos which are letting escape lightnings from his strong body. His hair is now flowing in the air and he's got off his silky cape.
Caifen: The show must go on...

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Re: Shinsan's Fanfic-1: The Emergence of the Advanced Clans

Post  Legend on Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:54 pm

PART 6 - The Duel
Episode III - The Final Blow

Jun Weiming: Lei Di the Thunder Emperor, has unleashed his demonic soul against the Clansmen who came to fight him. They killed his Legionnaries, they killed his Elites members Champions and Priests and they killed the four Generals. Noone since the Duel of the Nine Dragons managed to do better than they do. I know what I'm speaking about, I am Jun Weiming, the Dragon of the Iron Fist Clan. They managed to escalate many stages of fight. But will they be able to defeat the Emperor himself?

Lei Di is standing on the little steps before the Throne. His eyes are flashing white and his whole body is covered of electric tattooes.
Lei Di: Let me show you what a real fight is.

He puts up his Scythe, which attracts the thunder by the hole on the roof. A huge thunderbolt hits his blade then goes through his body, electrizing the ground. Kenji is really touched by this attack and his left arm is now brown, because of the lightning which struck him. The others have protected themselves or jumped. Lei Di uses this instant to strike! He targets Wang, the Beggar Dragon. He stabs his collarbone and kicks Fusen. Jun Weiming is looking at this, through the flames. Caifen manages to defend her 2 Heavenly Demons soldiers, but she cannot make Lei Di back down. COD, the Leader Luohan Monk runs to Lei Di with his fastest smashing. Sadly, it's not fast enough to trick Lei Di. The Thunder Emperor lets him get close, then he simply punches the Pole with his forearm. The weapon breaks instantly.
COD: Oh-oh.

He receives a direct uppercut which sends him hit the roof.
Tenfa: Damn, what a punch!

Legend the Vagabond manages to catch him before his head touches the floor.
COD: Thank you, Vagabond Leader. (to Lei Di) A good monk can use his fists when he needs to.
Lei Di: Show me what you got...

The Luohan runs again then jumps. His fist is the target of Lei Di. All of the others see the action like in slow motion. But when the clash happens, it turns sad, and so fast. When their fists strike each other, the Thunder Emperor releases a lightning from his body. The massive electric charge crosses COD. The flash is huge, blinding the Clansmen during a second. COD falls down, dead and burning.
Kenji: What the Hell...

Him and Fusen yell in a desperate onslaught. COD was their friend. They both target the same leg to hit. Thus, Lei Di cannot use is weapon and his body. Fusen take the wooden part of the Scythe in the chest, which stops his attack. Kenji's blade goes through the leg, but not deep enough.
Lei Di: The ant scratches the Mammoth!

Lei Di swings and kicks him from behind. the Wu-Tang arrives in the flames. His nose's bleeding. He immediately takes off his Blue Cloud Jacket to avoid a total combustion. Fusen is now rolling on the side to avoid being stabbed by the serpent blade at the tip of the Scythe.
Wang: Alright guys, I've recovered my Chi.

He gathers once again a Chi ball in his staff to strike in the distance. Caifen plans to act as before and follow the ball to hurt the Thunder Emperor.
Lei Di: Not twice!

He cuts the Chi ball in half, which make the columns behind break. The low ceiling is trembling.
Lei Di: Your distance abilities bother me, Dragon. Why not come face-to-face?

Despite his huge height and wheight (4m - 260kg), he's vanished from the room. Actually not, he's behind them all.
Lei Di: Here...

Wang turns around but he's not lucky. Indeed, the Scythe makes his left arm leave the body. Wang's rolling eyes, about to faint.
Wang: What a pain... my arm... is not part of me anymore...

He's sweating, very painful and ill-at-ease. Tenfa comes aside him to do what she can.
Tenfa: I'm hybrid. My healings skills are not very high but they could appease your pain and make the wound scars.

Lei Di roars as a Dragon once more. He's heading to Caifen. She runs behind a column. The pillar is destroyed in a blow.
Caifen: OK, you can destroy stone like this. What about a body...

In the highest part of her jump, in the instant when gravity is none, she sends her burning saber in the Lei Di's shoulder. Legend follows by sticking his saber on the abdomen. So the Wu-Tang brothers use the Yin's Flash to hit the boots and confuse Lei Di. Even if the hits only slide on the metal, his attention is focused on the bottom. Caifen jumps from a column to reach her saber. Wang, which doesn't feel pain anymore uses his remaining arm to gather Chi in his staff and targets the Legend's saber. The weapon, because of the Chi, is pushed inside the flesh. The Emperor bends a bit. Caifen is on his back and stabs the left shoulder.
Jun Weiming: Moron! The heart is on the other side in Demons' body.

Wang strikes the strongest he can in the heart. His staff enters the body. Then everybody stabs him. He roars again, because of the intense pain. Suddenly, his body is lightnings more and more. His eyes stop flashing and he's going back to his normal height : 2m25. He's laying on back. He doesn't breath, because his chest isn't moving. The Black Dragon... is dead.
Caifen: Iron Fist! Is he dead!?

Suddenly, 10 lightnings strike the ground next to him, one after another. Ten people came with it. They're members of the Thunder Clan. They lift the Thunder Emperor. One puts his hands on the chests and then the breath starts again.
Tenfa: What... are they doing?
Wang: Stop them!!

The 2 Caifen's soldiers run to the guys but are killed in a raw. So two lightnings flash, thunder thunders twice and light comes to the Golden Mask. Lei Di opens his eyes.
Lei Di: I told you it. I'm Immortal. A true Demon never dies. Currently, I'm unable to move a finger, but I'll be back. Must it take a year, a couple of years, ten years! Nothing shall forestall... my return!
(Cf Genesis Rhapsodos in FFVII Wink)

So the ten fellows combine their strength and lightning-like speed to lift their Emperor and flee by the roof, performing an undoable vertical jump. So fast that they couldn't be seen. Those guys were not professional fighters. Their one duty is to rescue Lei Di during his death state. Now they're miles away, busy to help Lei Di recovers his former strength and busy to heal his multiple wounds.
Jun Weiming: You all pushed your blades in his demonic body. He was bleeding as hell. He closed his eyes. He stopped breathing for minutes. He WAS dead. You became, like Hu Shanshan, Ji Longfeng, Nangong Hui and I... Divine Thunders. Heroes able to defeat the Thunder Clan. Now, we need to escape, this is burning. Let's tell the folk that Lei Di is defeated. The Duel... is over.

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Re: Shinsan's Fanfic-1: The Emergence of the Advanced Clans

Post  Legend on Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:06 pm

PART 7 - The Days After
Episode I - One day after the Battle

After the Team escaped the Forbidden City with Jun Weiming, the crowd applauded them.
Fusen: Have you ever seen it, Kenji? Such a huge amount of people only for us? Kenji?

Kenji is not around. Everybody was on the Grand Place in front of the Palace, not taking care of all of the corpses. The Imperial Emperor himself came.
Ming: Warrior, you showed China what you're worth. You saved Beijing, you saved the Kingdom of China, you saved my family and myself. That's why, I offer you this medal. You can proudly decorate yourself with it.

So he heads to Fusen, first in the raw.
Ming: Nice job, Wu-Tang.

Then Legend.
Ming: Congratulations, Vagabond.

Then all of the White Clansmen who had entered the Throne Room. When he arrives to Caifen.
Ming: Even if you are my enemy, you deserve it.
Caifen: We shall fight each other tomorrow, Ming Emperor.

Then he decorates everybody else.
Jun Weiming: Some others should be decorated, Majesty.
Ming: Who, Iron Fist?
Jun Weiming: A Shaolin monk, whom fell during the fight. He was known as the Chaser of Demons.
Ming: His nickname fits him well.
A Shaolin who jumped from the crowd: Actually, actually, COD is not dead! Our doctors say that he will live. Buddha saved him.
Ming: Could you give him this for me? I assume he cannot move till us.
Monk: Alright, your Highness.
Ming: Who else, Iron Fist?
Jun Weiming: There was a Captain of the Brotherhood who died.

A man from the Brotherhood gets closer. He takes the medal to bring it to Taishan.
Jun Weiming: And two others. There were one Wu-Tang Leader and one Sacred Flower Leader. They might have died during the escape, in the fire.

When she heards this, Kassy, Kenji's Pupil, felt some tears roll on her cheeks.
Fusen: I take for Kenji. He was my friend.
Caifen: Tenfa was mine.

The whole crowd bows before the Divine Thunders, the Beijing Saviours.

The day after, the fire has stopped. The ranks of Black Forces have left the Province to marshall to their Clan Bases. Only few left here in order to bring back corpses. The searchs of dead warriors among the rubble started early in the morning. Everybody's also speaking of the battle which unfolded a day ago. Another word is being spread in the City. COD, the almost-dead Shaolin, could have become a Dragon, surely because of the intense energy which crossed his body. So three warriors of the New Generation have managed to become Dragons. Wang, the one-armed Beggar; Caifen, the red-masked Heavenly Demon; COD, the almost-dead Shaolin...

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Re: Shinsan's Fanfic-1: The Emergence of the Advanced Clans

Post  Legend on Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:35 pm

PART 7 - The Days After
Episode II - One week after the Battle

Five days after, all are searching by the rubble of the Forbidden City. At night, few lucky and many corpses have been freed up from the ruins. But Kenji's is in none.
COD: Where the Hell can he be? He isn't here?

Some Wu-Tang, led by Zhintao, arrive.
Zhintao: Do you know where the Kenji's Pupil is?
COD: Isn't she the girl there? (he points to her)
Zhintao: Yes, it's her. Let me speak to her.

She approaches the Pupil.
Kassy: Hey, Zhintao. Did you find my Master? Is he alive?

Zhintao holds the twelve-times-refined Mountain's King Sword out to the girl.
Zhintao: That's all we found. I think that you deserve it. I'm sorry.

Later during the night, the girl is resting in a room at Nangong's Inn.
Kassy: Master, why did you die? What will I become without a great master like you?

Suddenly a pigeon arrives on the edge of the window. She takes it in her hands.
Pigeon: Hello Kassy. I'm not dead. I took advantage of the chaos in the Forbidden City to escape secretly with Tenfa, the Sacred Flower you healed in Tibet. Now I plan to join the Iron Fist Clan in order to start afresh, even if I don't forget my Wu-Tang life. Please dont search me in the Land. I'll contact you in some weeks. There hence, try to become a Heroine and don't say anyone that i'm alive. Cya soon, your Master."
Kassy: Whouououuou ! He's not dead ! Thank you, Master.

Everybody has now left Beijing, which will be rebuilt by workers and some architects. The warriors go home, in order to prepare the war again, against each other Side. But this time, the three Advanced Clans will show up, out of the shadows. The Black Dragons, led by Sunhyo, the Priest who betrayed Lei Di and his former Clan, have sent emissaries to the Mount Yanmo, Taishan, and Zixia Dong. They'll ask new recruits to increase their ranks. What they promote is the fact that the Black Dragons use the deadliest weapon, which is the Scythe, and also the fact that they've found a way to push further than anybody else the Strength of their member. So for sure, the most of those who'll leave Black Clans for the Black Dragon Clan will be Warriors.
The other two Advanced Clans say that they've also pushed further an Attribute: Iron Fists have more Dexterity in their hits, since only their body moves, Noble Families the Wisdom, come from the noble knowledge and the mastery of the extreme-long-range Fan. For sure now, many Nukers of the White Clans should join Nangong Hui.
Let's see what will happen in the Land during the following months. The War between them all might be tougher and bloodier, since the Advanced Clans have re-opened their doors...

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Re: Shinsan's Fanfic-1: The Emergence of the Advanced Clans

Post  Legend on Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:57 pm

PART 7 - The Days After
Episode III - One month after the Battle

It's been a month that the Battle of Beijing is over. Remember, it took end with the Fall of Lei Di, the Thunder Emperor. The 9 Major Clans have lit again the Fire of War. Only Jun Weiming still has no established position for his troops. However, he trains them surely harder than any other Clan.
Jun Weiming: Iron Fists, my Disciples. I train you harder than the Black Dragons, harder than the Noble Families. Even if we're an Advanced Clan, even if we're neutral, we shall absolutely not relax our Kung-Fu. Being neutral doesn't mean that we cannot be involved in the War. It doesn't mean that we cannot be attacked. It means that we can be the target of both the Blacks and Whites. Our diplomacy has to be the best, so has our skills. We need not to depend of anyone, and to be prepared of everything. That's why, in order to recruit you and form the best Army ever, I allowed you not to disown your former Kung-Fu so far and some of you to change their Identity. That's how the Clan of the Iron Fist shall triumph!

Yeah, Kenji and Tenfa did this, also Tsunno and every Leader of the Battle of Beijing now under the Iron Fist Banner. But if Jun Weiming has his own vision of the success, Senhyo and Nangong Hui don't see it with the same eye. Indeed, to the Black Dragons, keep the former skill doesn't mean the utter submission to the Chief. Lei Di, during his reign on the Black Dragon Clan, killed every Black Dragon which dared to use a former Smashing attack. So, with the time, every Black Dragon totally disowned their previous Clan. But Lei Di offered them a largest choice of skills to use in the Battles. "The Scythe can be used in one thousand ways".
Nangong Hui, from his golden seat, considers the Union of the Noble Families as the holliest thing after the Emperor and the Gods. So, by using the former skills, you tarnish the glimmer of the Union. "Simply forget it now, it's rubbish". So he offers to learn the Suprem Kung-Fu to his members.

Such offers, as expected, made the Advanced Clans number of members increase very fast. That's why, to counter-attack, the Six decided to promote the highest warriors or their Clan. Thus, the Leaders, originally masters of the Third Role, said to be undefeatable, suddenly learnt secretly the Fourth Role. And all of the Seniors were allowed to be taught the undefeatable Third Role. Yeah, you heard well. The Six have decided to enhance their Soldiers, by offering to the best a power that overrides the previous generation's limits. By using overpower lightning-like speed smahings and a deadly active.

So for now, the War has stopped, in order to let the Disciples understand and master their gift. Now, in the following months, much more blood might sheed. Some of the Six have even spoken about a direct onslaught on the Advanced Clans' Bases. But it's just a rumor. The fact is that noone really know where the Advanced Clan are hidden. Only the emissaries who come to recruit in the Clans know. And some warriors are also seduced by those who show off their skills against the Deviants or those who win the Duels.

Nowadays, evrything seems to take place in the Tibet. For this, the great roads have been enlarged. Now the Warriors, since they are Third Role, can freely cross the commercial bordeline between Hefei and Beijing. From Beijing, they reach the Tibet. They just have to give a plate that their Clan treasurer sold them for their contribution.

The hostilities have just met their beginning. Peace is an uncertain word in those times we currently live in...


About the Characters.

Caifen, the Dragon of the Heavenly Demon Clan, manages the Far Tibet and seek the Black Dragons to negociate. The red mask she wears will definitely remain a part of her, giving her a sort of severe and seducing style.

Wang, the one-armed Dragon from the League is the one who gives the missions to the Third Role Beggars, in Tibet.

Fusen, has become the new Leader of the Blue Dragons of Wu-Tang.

COD, the almost-dead Monk, Dragon of Shaolin, has been sent in the Tibet to enlight the mystery that wraps the Temple of Black Monks. Indeed, Jun Weiming revealed them that their Clan Base was not established in the Tibet for some reason, and that their not affiliated from any way to the Black Monks. So, COD suspects them to tarnish the Buddha's words by using them to submit the local population, which is hard-believer. According to him, they could be influent enough to claim themselves as the Tenth Major Clan of the Land. Shaolin cannot stay passive toward this. The other Clans will surely take part of this, one after the other, seeing its own interests.

Kenji and Tenfa, the couple of traitors, who fled for love, have decided to fight under the Iron Fist Banner. However, they've retired for an unknown time. Kenji asked so because he could be recognized easily. He secretly meets Kassy, his former Pupil, once a while in Nanchang.

Tsunno, still not uncovered, has totally changed his clothes and hair style to join Jun Weiming. He plans to take his revenge on both the Heavenly Demons and the Black Dragons. He's surely one of the most dangerous Soldier of Fortune of the current times.

Legend, the Commander of the Vagabond Army, managed to make his Master accept the idea to establish in a province and to gather in mass those who left their Clan or those who don't want to follow them. They're also pretenders of the title of Tenth Major Clan, even if the word "Clan" annoys them.

Febus and his Artists Team have been hired to work for the Emperor himself, in the Halls and Roofs. Now his mural, which tells the Battle of Beijing, has become a national monument.

Hope, the always-well-escorted man, runs a brothel called "Divine Thunder". He spends all the day and night with girls or telling the story of the Battle to all those who were not at Beijing during those times.

Roky is working at the Vagabonds Base upon the crafting of new Weapons...


Kassy, the Kenji's Pupil, has reached te Achievement level of Humble Master. She's recently received another Pigeongram from her (former) Master. That's why she's running to Nanchang with a large smile on her face. She finally arrives where Kenji told her go. It's near the Mansion of Silver, under the big Dragon of Stone. So she stops and... Noone's here. Suddenly someone appears behind her, a silhouette in the crimson Sun.
Kassy: Master!!
Kenji: Hi Kassy.

She notices that Kenji has changed his clothes in order to dress as an Iron Fist. Now he wears dark green clothes, but his boots remained Wu-Tang. Note: Tenfa now wears the Red Peony Suit.
Kenji: Yeah, I changed my clothes. I'm an Iron Fist now.
Kassy: You'll never come back to Wu-Tang Shan, will you?
Kenji: I guess I wont. After all, I'm a traitor... I let an enemy live.
Tenfa: Yeah. Me too.
Kassy: But you said that this could stay between each other...
Kenji: Sure, but how can Tenfa and I meet and fully live our lovestory if we don't live our Clan?
Tenfa: Iron Fist guys don't care about the past, was it shiny or dark...
Kassy: So both of you left your Clan for Love... That's very romantic.
Tenfa: I think so. Your Master really is a great guy. Just as you told me the first time we met you and I, Kassy.
Kassy: Yeah, I'm lucky to be his Pupil.
Tenfa: And me his woman.
Kassy: You're still not husband and wife??
Kenji: Nope. We still have to get the good plan. If Heavenly Demons and Wu-Tang come... This could turn bad.
Kassy: Am I invited?
Kenji: Nope.
Kassy: Awww. Yet I thought that--
Kenji: Yes you are, haha. I was kidding you.
Kassy: You're not funny, Master. Grrr.

Both Kenji and Tenfa keep laughing.
Kassy: Hey, stop this!
Kenji: Lool. You'll have a great part when this day will come: to gather the White guests.
Tenfa: Cool, ain't it ?
Kassy: Yup.
Kenji: By the way, how can you carry this +12 Sword while you're Humble Master?
Kassy: Well, I went to Humblefist and told him I was your Pupil. He did it for free.
Kenji: Hehe, nice.
Kassy: Tell me, lovers, when will you show the Land yourselves again?
Tenfa: Surely when a new province will need the help of the Iron Fist Disciples.
Kenji: Or unless the Black Dragons come back.
Kassy: I see...

So once a while, Kassy meets the couple of deserters to ask tips and to chat. Kenji and Tenfa are in love, spending a quiet life. The Land seems quiet too. At least until a new wave of Warriors raise. Who know what the future has in store, huh?


A word is spreading that Hu Shanshan and Ji Longfeng have reappeard. Now it's sure that the other 4 are dead, even if they were strong. The strength of the Thunder Emperor showed how hard must have been the fight. So Lingyun, Faxian, Sura Mahu and Dae Chun are dead. But none of the remaining Dragons nor The Vagabond will speak. They vowed to silent this Battle, just as Nangong Hui did 10 years long.

The Clans which are stllin Dragonless have decided to organize Championships to decide who would receive the necessary training to become the Clan's Dragon. Among Wu-Tang Shan, Fusen is said to be the favorite-one.

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Re: Shinsan's Fanfic-1: The Emergence of the Advanced Clans

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