New 9Dragons publisher - fucked up already xD

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New 9Dragons publisher - fucked up already xD

Post  Legend on Sun May 24, 2015 4:51 am

So there's another english (apparently canadian) publisher which just "recently" launched an open beta of 9Dragons... And fucked it up already xD

Though I must admit, their "FAQ" on the classes sounds nice lol:
How many classes are there?

There are a total of 5 distinct classes. They include: Warriors (specialized in close-quarter melee combat), Strategists (primarily healers and buffers), Chi Kung Artists (focused on long range attacks), Holists (a hybrid class that is able to learn various abilities of all 3 classes) and Vagabonds (a clan-less class that is limited in the number of physical abilities and skills that can be learned, but have other advantages available to them not present to other classes).
Taking a look at their 9D forum, it pretty much looks like they don't give a fuck lol
People have left and the server's pretty much empty, they say. Some active people are still giving them shit for their incompetence lol:
That's because no one is playing. This game version had a lot of potential but, due to lack of updates, events, and gm care everyone stopped playing.
Also the GM that was supposed to be taking care of this game left the company without even posting about it in this forum. You had to dig to find it.
I really find this whole thing funny as shit xD

The same history repeats with 9Dragons since 2006, and still, no one gives a crap about the game xDD

This is so ridiculous beyond all sanity, I really don't understand what's the deal with these people... It's not like there wouldn't be people who'd work on 9Dragons with real interest and passion lol

Also, this guy's statement made my day:
I still play everyday but you will never find me, in fact i became a NPC myself...
hahaha, know what you mean... Laughing

The quotes are from this topic:

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