My Plans for the Vagabond Army

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My Plans for the Vagabond Army

Post  shan735 on Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:50 am

Greetings Vagabonds,

No doubt you've been wondering what I'll be bringing to the Vagabond Army and I must admit...many of these are LONG TERM objectives.

Personally, I wish to see a vagabond with a more leadership quality being the guild master but whilst I am the guild master for now...I see myself as more of a care-taker.

Now my plans:

I strongly believe that in order for one to be COMPLETELY helpful to a cause, the foundations must be VERY strong or as close to perfect allowed by 9D of course Wink
In my eyes, I will not be so until I reach IM12. After that, I will be able to completely focus most of my time in-game, roaming the land, studying the lore and the system and more importantly help vagabonds and clan players alike.

This is the first objective, that I would like to complete myself.


Now this WILL create a rift amongst some of you.
I fully understand and agree with those who argue that it's about time we should be one of the first ones to get new and updated content after being neglected for so long since Acclaim and G1 (Both wars fought by Legend).
This I agree with.
I do not think the best course of action in order to get "Content" for Vagabonds would be to constantly bombard them with WHAT we want JUST YET...because it is as effective as other players in the game asking for better refinement rate or better banner system. In an ideal world, everything that the individual wants for the game would be implemented. Alas, we're not in one.

That being said...I will be in talks with FC3S and Venus...and in regards with UPCOMING CONTENT AND/OR EVENTS...I will ask them to consider allowing Vagabonds to take up. For example:

- The Daily Quests
Which I believe was a recent addition to the game, I asked delimiter and Venus whether or not Vagabonds to take part. I disliked how we could not (though some of us did find a bug and DID some xD), but nevertheless, I will be fighting for future updates that allow vagabonds to take part.

This course of action, I believe, will be more effective.

Once I have achieved my first objective, I am thinking and would like to announce player-made events. Why should we leave the game up to the GMs to make the game good and who better than a group of Vagabonds making these events for EVERYONE to play with? With this in mind, please remember that when these events are is made through MY and other volunteer's time and money/in-game gold, to make this fun for you. We're not GMs.

With that being said...we're not a large group of vagabonds. Only a handful of us are still active as vagabonds and with that in mind, I would like to call on the rest of you to be as active as possible (but real life ALWAYS comes first.) and get as high as possible to make Vagabonds as credible as possible and let other players know that Vagabonds...are now a playable non-class and we should be treated as one of them.

For those who've been here long...we all know this would be an uphill fight...and it's my honour to walk the path of the Vagabond with you all.

These guides are unlikely to be made until the start of the summer holiday because as a university student, I would like to get a 1st so I would much rather spend my time studying hard than use it for making guides. An example of real life comes first Razz.
That being said, it's about time that the more updated Vagabonds such as myself should pass on the knowledge in the Holy Halls of the Vagabonds...and not restrict it for those not part of the Vagabond Army.

But if you want a quick advice...
It is VERY VERY VERY VERY EXPENSIVE to become a vagabond if you don't have a high clan player to finance your vagabond.
and be "Patient". 9Dragons is not a game you can complete within a week or a month or half a year. It will take at least a year to get a high Vagabond and a high clan player (i'll assume) if you play moderately and you don't spend real life money on item malls.

Anyway...this is all I have in mind for now, and will probably update this post soon if I think of anything else Smile

May you find yourself on the path of the Vagabond.

P.S if you'd like to talk to me please pm me here, or look for -Gaiden- in Yang.
I mostly put my chat offline as I go afk often so please whisper me.

(Soul- I'm so sorry for leaving you hanging sometimes!!)

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Re: My Plans for the Vagabond Army

Post  Soul on Fri Mar 15, 2013 12:36 pm

That is alright.This is the first time I have in Internet in a few days(the internet must be paid?!) so I haven't been ingame much.


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